Sat 11 Jul 23:45 2020
Minimum Temperatures Today: Triotrade - Schweizer Reneke: -3.7°C | Heilbron: -3.2°C | Lucernedale Farming : -2.8°C | Ottosdal: -2.3°C | Alfalfa A6 Pastures: -2.2°C | Wonderfontein: -2.1°C | Bloemfontein: -2.1°C | Bloemhof: -2.1°C | Manor Holme: -1.8°C | Grootpan: -1.7°C | Maximum Temperatures Today: Komatipoort Tonga Nkukhu Tradin: 34.1°C | Hoedspruit Civil Airfield: 31.3°C | Raptors View Hoedspruit: 29.5°C | Levubu - P Gird: 29.3°C | Tzaneen P F Prvt Airstrip : 28.2°C | Doornfontein: 27.8°C | Durban Bluff: 27.6°C | Transnet DCT Pier 1: 26.4°C | Johann Fritz: 26.4°C | Firstmode I5: 26.4°C | End...


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