1. Environmental Monitoring Equipment
Fridge-Sense Logger

Our smart cellular GSM Control Unit continuously interrogates the temperature sensors and then relays the data to a dedicated internet server at 5 minute intervals.

Features include Colour Graphs, Analytics, Reports, Geographic mapping and email and SMS alerts.

FridgeSense has settable SMS and email alerts for temperatures that exceeds set ranges which makes it a perfect solution for monitoring fridges, freezers and server rooms etc. This includes power failure alerts should a battery be installed with charger.

The standard Master unit comes with 3 stainless steel RTD
temperature probes but more probes can be added by adding additional networked nodes via a four core wire. Each additional node allows up to 3 temperature probes each.

A large LED on the module displays each of the 3 temperatures sequentially.

What makes this product unique is the network topology that strings all the monitored devices together on a single four core wire making installations easier and robust. FridgeSense is able to monitor up to a maximum of 12 temperature probes by using 4 monitoring points that allow 3 temperature probes each.

All data is fed into a single location allowing multiple sites to be monitored on a single webpage making for easier national and international management.

These features should go a long way in enhancing safety, preventing produce damage and the ability to make informed go-no go decisions.

FridgeSense includes:
1. GSM Control Unit with LED display.
4. GSM Stubby Antenna.
5. 3 x RTD sensors.
7. 220v to 12v Power Supply.
8. micro SD card.

Up to 3 Network Nodes can be added with their respective RTD temperature sensors of three each.

Accuracy and Specifications:
Ambient Air Temp.:+/-1°C @ 25°C
Temperature:-40 to 100deg C +/- 2 degC @ 25 deg C.
Probe:RTD thermistor.
Points:up to 12 single temperature probes
Sample time:5 minutes
Power Consumption:200mA to 2 Amps (Average: 50mA).


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