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Sat Feb 24 6:55:10 2024
Area:Kaingo Game Reserve Lodge
GPS Co-ordinates:S 24º 4' 39, E 27º 50' 02
ASL:3583 feet
Sunrise / Sunset:06:00 / 18:44
Beaufort Scale:Light Air
Last Update:2024-02-24 06:54:58
Weather Summary: In the last few minutes the wind was Northerly at an average speed of 1 kmh, reaching up to 3 kmh and a low of 0 kmh. The gust strength is2.86 kmh above the minimum speed
Wind Speed:0|1|3 kmhWind Direction:N Temperature:22.5°C
Wet Bulb:18.7°CDiscomfort:85Humidity:71%
Rainfall Today:0mm12 hrs Rainfall:0mm24 hrs Rainfall:0mm
Barometer:1014.9mbDew Point:16.9°CClouds AGL:2211ft (674 m)
Density-Alt:5469ft (1667 m)Fire Danger:
T O D A Y S   R E C O R D S
Wind Gust:13 km/hMin Temp:21.7 °CMax Temp:25.4 °C
Wind Average:6 km/hMin Hum:60 %Max Hum:71 %