Thu Dec 9 9:05:17 2021
Area:Loch Maree Pan
GPS Co-ordinates:S 28º 6' 27, E 20º 27' 25
Sunrise / Sunset:05:34 / 19:26
Beaufort Scale:Calm
Last Update:2021-12-08 17:06:17
Weather Summary: In the last few minutes the wind was South Westerly at an average speed of 0 kmh, reaching up to 0 kmh and a low of 0 kmh. The gust strength is0 kmh above the minimum speed
Wind Speed:0|0|0 kmhWind Direction:SW 220°Temperature:31.1°C
Wet Bulb:25.6°CDiscomfort:106Humidity:64%
Rainfall Today:0mm12 hrs Rainfall:0mm24 hrs Rainfall:0mm
Dew Point:23.5°CClouds AGL:3053ft (931 m)Fire Danger: