Fri Feb 23 2:56:17 2024
Beaufort Scale:Calm
Last Update:2024-02-23 02:51:37
Weather Summary: In the last few minutes the wind was blowing
Wind Speed:-|-|- kmhWind Direction:- Temperature:19°C
Wet Bulb:13.4°CDiscomfort:72Humidity:54%
Rainfall Today:0mm12 hrs Rainfall:0mm24 hrs Rainfall:0mm
Barometer:1018.1mbDew Point:9.5°CClouds AGL:3810ft (1161 m)
Density-Alt:449ft (137 m)
T O D A Y S   R E C O R D S
Wind Gust:-Min Temp:18.5 °CMax Temp:20.3 °C
Wind Average:-Min Hum:54 %Max Hum:61 %
W I N D F I N D E R   F O R E C A S T