Fri Aug 23 4:27:32 2019
Area:Transnet CT Agri-RoRo
Beaufort Scale:Calm
Last Update:2019-06-08 04:57:22
Weather Summary: No update has been received for over 12 hours or longer.

iWeathar stations power down automatically when the battery runs low to prevent damage to the battery.

Site Information:NEW - GX865617031558039 - 0673035445
Old - 0673035445
Wind Speed:0 - 0 kmhWind Direction:SSW 201°Temperature:14.2°C
Wet Bulb:13.5°CDiscomfort:66Humidity:94%
Rainfall Today:0mm12 hrs Rainfall:0mm24 hrs Rainfall:0mm
Barometer:1025mbDew Point:13°CCloud Base:391ft ASL
Density Altitude:-308ftFire Danger: