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About Us

iWeathar develops and manufactures cell phone based weather and environmental monitoring systems for the home and light industrial markets. As a self-sustainable company our core objective is to develop and design environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Our core markets include aviation, agriculture, mining, construction, sport, weather forecasts and home enthusiasts. Our weather stations are currently operating in South Africa, UK, India, Mozambique, Uganda, Swaziland and Namibia.

The Company was established 13 years ago by the owner Russell Troy Witthuhn, an aspiring inventor and Electronic and Software Engineer and is being run as an efficient and dynamic one-man operation, with the assistance and support of his wife, Chantal.

In the past Russell made many attempts inventing, producing and manufacturing unique products and finally a break-through came in 2006 when he designed a cost effective Internet based weather station with live monitoring. The motivation behind the product design was because Russell, a paragliding pilot, could not afford the cost of a automated weather station. Other pilots started using the online system and became aware of its benefits which generated much interest thereby becoming a commercially viable product.

It has been a slow journey for the Witthuhn's, determined to establish the company and finance the production and design themselves without the assistance of investors and partnerships.

Mission and Vision

The core objective of the home based family business is to develop self sustainable products and projects promoting the 'Go Green' initiative and to settle a platform for future generations. As a technology and innovation business we incorporate and implement the use of both systems in running and managing our business.

Our vision is to make products as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. We aim to optimize the power efficiency of our products and support the use of green or recycled solutions to help minimize our carbon footprint.

Our target is to identify and implement products and projects in all spheres of life where self sustainability is key, i.e. power generation from wind, automated green house for food production etc.

iWeathar strives to make technology as user friendly as possible whilst producing high quality South African products in order to export world wide.

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