Fri Jun 22 14:52:57 2018
Area:Signal Hill
GPS Co-ordinates:S 33º 55' 03, E 18º 24' 13
ASL:1200 feet
Sunrise / Sunset:07:51 / 17:45
Beaufort Scale:Gentle Breeze
Last Update:2018-06-22 14:44:23
Weather Summary: In the last few minutes the wind was North Westerly (NW) at an average speed of 10 mph, reaching up to 14 mph and a low of 6 mph. The gust strength is 8 mph above the minimum speed.
Wind Speed:6 - 14 mphWind Direction:NW 304°Rainfall Today:0.7mm
12 hrs Rainfall:0.7mm24 hrs Rainfall:0.7mmBarometer:1019.1mb
T O D A Y S   R E C O R D S
Wind Gust:24 mph
Wind Average:19 mph
W I N D F I N D E R   F O R E C A S T