Mon Jun 25 17:20:39 2018
GPS Co-ordinates:S 28º 45' 43, E 24º 49' 40
ASL:3924 feet
Sunrise / Sunset:07:14 / 17:32
Beaufort Scale:Calm
Last Update:2018-05-22 08:52:47
Weather Summary: No update has been received for over 12 hours or longer.

iWeathar stations power down automatically when the battery runs low to prevent damage to the battery.

Site Information:New unit: iWG0603201503-V19n
Wind Speed:0 - 0 mphWind Direction:W 265°Temperature:12.9°C
Wet Bulb:10.6°CDiscomfort:60Humidity:79%
Rainfall Today:0mm12 hrs Rainfall:0mm24 hrs Rainfall:0mm
Barometer:1023.8mbDew Point:9°CCloud Base:1458ft AGL
Density Altitude:4396ftFire Danger:
W I N D F I N D E R   F O R E C A S T